Core Courses

Core Courses teach a common set of biblical truths to the people of our church. You can jump into a course at anytime, and don’t need to sign up ahead of time. The courses are taught on a rotating basis, and are designed to strengthen people in their individual walk with Jesus, their participation in Christ-centered community, and their engagement in serving God.

Sunday Mornings at 9:00 am
Spring 2017
April 23 — June 25

Old Testament Survey 2 – Richard Niemi – Room B101-102
Hopeless! We hate to hear something is hopeless, but we can often feel that way. The nation of Israel was miraculously rescued from Egypt. There kingdom had grown to magnificence under David and Solomon, but now they are in exile. Is there any hope? Yes! The prophetic books are books of hope. They contrast true hope in God with things that look alluring but in the end disappoint. Join us a s we study the prophets and explore how they looked forward to and hoped in Jesus Christ.

First Steps – Jeff Marshman – Room W105
This six week course meets from April 23 through May 28
This course is designed for three groups: 1. People who are new to Fellowship in the Pass Church, 2. People who are new believers, 3. People who would like to know what it means to be a Christian. We will learn from the Bible about the gospel which is the way to become a Christian, we will learn some basic rhythms of Bible reading and prayer in daily life, and we will begin to connect to each other and to other people at Fellowship in the Pass Church.

Baptism – Jeff Marshman – Room W105
This two week course meets on June 6 and June ll
Are you considering getting baptized? Do you have questions about what baptism is or why churches baptize people? If so, come and learn from the Bible about why we baptize, who should be baptized, and why baptism is so important. Anyone can attend this class.

Christian Theology 2 – Mark Rogers – Auditorium
This course is designed to help you learn what the Bible teaches about the things that matter the most. We will examine the key biblical passages on topics like: the Holy Spirit, conversion, justification, sanctification, assurance of salvation, the church, angels, Satan, heaven and hell, and more. You will learn how the Bible’s teachings fit together and why exactly Christians believe what we believe.

Work: For God’s Glory – Rick Brady – Room B105
Work is a part of life, but is it a good part? The Bible says work is a good thing. Join us as we look at God’s design for work. Some topics will be: The concept of work, work as a means of loving your neighbor, work as a way to glorify God, and how to know what you are called to do.

Book of James – David Soto – Room W106
Have you ever wondered why James says, “Faith without works is dead?” Have you ever wondered exactly how we’re to, “count it all joy,” when we find ourselves in the midst of trials? Trials and temptations are both inevitable. How we respond to them has everything to do with our growing in Christlikeness. With that in mind, come join us as we seek to exalt Jesus through a verse-by-verse study in the New Testament book of James.

College & Career – Austin Blanton –  Room A105
The College & Career class is an ongoing class for 18 – 25 year olds. We will be digging deep into the foundational stories of the Old Testament.

Joy Class – Van Syverson – Multi-Purpose Room (A Building)
The Joy Class is an ongoing senior adult class. We are continuing our study in Genesis.