Helping Hands

helping handsHelping Hands is a ministry dedicated to filling the unmet needs of those who are a part of the Fellowship in the Pass church body.

Helping Hands connects those in need with church members wanting to meet the need.

Helping Hands provides meals in instances of illness, bereavement, post-surgery, new baby, etc.

We also offer short term caregiver relief, including things like assisting a caregiver or patient with errands, snacks, or light one-time housecleaning. We can send someone to visit with, read to, read the Bible to, pray with, etc. a member who is in a hospital, care facility, or home for an extended period of time, and various other needs that may arise.

If you have an interest in being in any part of this ministry, or require more information, please contact the church office at 951.845.2693.