MembershipWe believe that the Bible encourages all Christians to be meaningfully involved and committed to a specific local church. All believers need a place where they can develop deep, Christ-centered relationships, and where they can use their gifts to serve others. We call this kind of commitment, church membership. There are three basic requirements for membership at Fellowship in the Pass.

  1. Be a Christian.
    We believe that the church is made up of those who have trusted in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and who express a clear testimony of their faith in Him.
  1. Complete the “Church 101” class.
    Deciding what church to commit to is a very important decision. We want you to know what we, as a church, are committed to before you make your decision. That is why attendance at Church 101 is necessary before joining the church. This class is held on a Sunday evening as needed – usually about every 2 months. Keep an eye on the bulletin for the next session.
  1. Meet with an Elder.
    The purpose of this relaxed meeting is for us to hear your testimony of faith in Christ, and for you to be able to ask any last questions you may have. This meeting occurs after you attend Church 101 and turn in some paperwork.

Membership Application